What Do I Require for this Exam?

  • You will need to bring a prescription from a health care professional. The results of your screening procedures will be sent to this health care professional so that any results requiring further treatment or follow-up will be handled in your best interest.
  • Screening is typically performed only if you are non-symptomatic.  If you are experiencing symptoms, asymptomatic screening is not the proper study for you. Your health care professional can order the proper studies for you and we can perform the majority of them at Buffalo MRI.
  • You will be required to sign a waiver acknowledging that insurance companies will not pay us or you for these costs.

What if I am Covered by American Insurance?

  • American insurance companies pay for very few asymptomatic screening studies. These generally include Screening Mammogram and Fluoroscopic Colonoscopy (not CT Virtual Colonoscopy). Additionally, most American insurance companies will not allow Participating Providers to take payment for asymptomatic screening studies. Buffalo MRI is a Participating Provider for all major insurances.
  • You will need to call your insurance company for specific guidelines.
  • Medicare patients can sign a waiver and pay for their own screening studies. Canadian and uninsured patients may also pay out of pocket for screening studies.

How do I get My Results?

  • You will be given a CD with your digitized images to take with you.
  • Generally within 2 working days your report(s) will be faxed, e-mailed or mailed to you and your prescribing Health Care Professional. You should follow-up with your Health Care Professional if our Radiologist recommends follow-up. * You may also set up a consultation phone call to speak to our Radiologist if you have specific questions. Keep in mind that our Radiologist is an expert at interpreting diagnostic images. Radiologists are not treating physicians and do not have the expertise to prescribe follow-up treatment due to what they find on your images.

Any Other Questions?

Call us at 716-839-3333 or 888-MRI-3939 or e-mail us from the web site under “contact us.”   We will be happy to take care of you!