Below is Private Pay Prices in US Dollars

Without ContrastWith Contrast
CT Chest$300.00$325.00
CT ArthogramN/A$550.00
CT Low Dose Lung Screening$185.00N/A
CT Other$300.00$325.00
CT Heartscore$295.00N/A
MR ArthrogramN/A$775.00
MRI Breast Bilateral W/CADN/A$599.00
MRI Guided Breast Biopsy$1465.00***N/A
MRI / MRA Other$465.00$565.00
Ultrasound or Stereotactic Breast Biopsy$850.00***N/A
Soft Digital Mammo W/CAD$150.00N/A
Bone Density/ DEXA$90.00N/A

***Pathology Laboratory results not included.

  • All X-ray, CT and Fluoro studies must have a written script from patient’s physician. (This is a NYS Law.)
  • All results will be reported to the referring physician. Results will be discussed with the patient by the referring physician.
  • All screening studies (studies done without a specific diagnosis) will be performed without contract unless specified on a script.
  • Screenings are not covered by insurance.