More commonly know as a CAT scan, the CT Scan  uses X-rays and computers to create 3-Dimensional images of your body. Our 128-slice scanner offers improvement in speed and coverage of your body while also delivering the lowest dosage of radiation in the industry.   

With its Adaptive Dose Shield, Care Dose 4D, and UFC (Ultra Fast Ceramic) you can be assured that the lowest dose possible is being used for your CT Scan study.

SIEMENS SOMATON Definition AS+ 128

One of the fastest CT Scanners in WNY

  • Single Breath-hold Scans
  • Shorter Exam Times
  • Reduces motion which improves image quality

Most Advanced CT Applications

  • Multi-Slice Technology
  • Higher Resolution Images
  • Thinnest Anatomical Slices

Variable Radiation Exposure

  • Customized for Each Patient
  • Up to 40% Less Radiation Use