IMG_2723Our fun simulator will help the littlest of patients get prepared for their scan. The Kitten Scanner helps lessen children’s anxiety about their exam. By placing the Kitten Scanner in the waiting room, children are invited to play and interact with the device in a non-threatening environment. Interactive role play and storytelling explain the different steps of the procedure and, through the act of playing, children become familiar with the procedure and learn what to expect.

Helps teach children about what happens during a study. Interactive role play and storytelling are used to shed light on the different steps of an exam, therefore reducing fear and anxiety of the procedure.

The Kitten Scanner helps replace the fear experienced by a child undergoing a medical scan with understanding. It includes a TV screen and toys– and through play, it teaches the child about the procedure they are about to face.

An animation on the TV screen invites your child to choose an animal character (a crocodile, elephant, robot or chicken) and place it on the bed of the Kitten Scanner. The child can then slide the bed and character into the bore of the scanner, mimicking what happens in reality. When the animal character is in the bore of the scanner, animations appears on the TV screen, telling the story of that particular character. Who is the character, what did they do, why they need to go to the hospital for a scan. Through this story-telling, the animation shows children about how a real scanner works, and how doctors can see inside the body.