The Importance of Cardiac Calcium Scoring

In the February, 2011 Prevention Magazine: 

“ ‘Calcium Scoring is the number one best prediction of a future heart attack’, Dr Agatston says. Calcified plaque, a major warning sign of coronary artery diease, is the leading cause of heart attacks- shows up at least 10 years before a heart attack or stroke hits. By catching the problem early, you can treat it before the buildup narrows arteries so severely that it triggers a heart attack.” 

Buffalo MRI has offered patients calcium scoring for years and we are well versed in the technology. It is a fairly priced, private pay CT study which only requires a script from your physician. It is a 10 minute scan which could save a life and avoid a number of future heart and health complications.

Below is pricing for individual Heart and Vascular Screening Studies:

Ultrasound Carotid Arteries$285.00
Ultrasound Abdominal Aorta$285.00
CTA Carotid Arteries$325.00
CTA Abdominal Aorta$325.00
CTA Renal Arteries$325.00
CTA Lower Extremity$325.00
CTA Upper Extremity$325.00
CTA Brain$325.00
Heart Score$295.00
Cardiac CTA (CCTA)$650.00
MRA Carotid$565.00
MRA Abdominal Aorta$565.00
MRA Renal$565.00
MRA Lower Extremity$565.00
MRA Upper Extremity$565.00
MRA Brain(w/o contrast)$465.00

Below is pricing for individual Cancer Screening Studies:

Ultrasound Female Pelvis$285.00
CT Chest with contrast$325.00
CT Chest for Lung Nodules without contrast$300.00
CT Abdomen with contrast$325.00
CT Virtual Colonoscopy without contrast$600.00
CT Brain with contrast$325.00
Bilateral Soft Digital Mammogram w/CAD$150.00
MRI Brain with contrast$565.00
MRI Chest with contrast$565.00
MRI Bilateral Breast with CAD$850.00
MRI Abdomen with contrast$565.00
MRI Female Pelvis with contrast$565.00
MRI Prostate with contrast$565.00
MRI all other with contrast$565.00
  • All MRI Studies for cancer screening require contrast.
  • The cost for a Bone Density study is $90.00.

Pricing for Multiple Screening Studies

You can customize your full body screening based upon your personal needs and risk factors. If you have multiple screening studies within a 48 hour period we can offer you the following discounts:

* 10% discount off your 3rd study

* 15% discount off your 4th and subsequent studies