Cancer Screening

Our advanced state-of-the-art imaging equipment can find cancer and tumors that routine exams may miss. If cancer is found at it’s earliest stages, it can be treated more effectively. Ultrasound, CT and MRI may be used to screen your body for cancers.

  • MRI

    Two of our MRI Systems are 3T, which have twice the power of most MRI systems. 3T images are more detailed. The studies are faster, minimizing motion issues. 3T is what cutting edge hospitals such as; the Mayo and Cleveland Clinic and Johns Hopkins use. 3T is the best quality MRI available. As long as you are not large statured or claustrophobic, your MRI’s will be preformed on one of our 3T MRI Systems.

    If you are claustrophobic Buffalo MRI has the highest quality open MRI available for your study.

    MRI has the advantage of not exposing your body to radiation.

    MRI is the gold standard for cancer screening. It can detect cancer at its earliest stages. MRI can be used to screen for cancers throughout the body including the Brain, Breast, Chest, Abdomen and Pelvis.

    All MRI Studies for cancer screening require contrast.

  • CT

    Our Low-Dose High-Definition 128-Slice CT Scanner offers detailed images of all areas of the body. CT is especially accurate for cancer screening imaging of the Brain, Lungs, Chest, Abdomen and Colon.

  • Ultrasound

    Ultrasound may be used for finding suspicious mass in the Female Pelvis. Further imaging may be required to characterize the lesion if a mass is found.

    Ultrasound has the advantage of being less costly.  Ultrasound also has no radiation and no need for IV contrast.

  • Mammography

    Mammography is the gold standard for Breast Cancer screening.  It is the universally recognized screening tool for Breast Cancer. The American Cancer Society recommends that every woman should have an annual mammogram beginning at age 40.

    Not all Mammography imaging is the same. Buffalo MRI has Soft Digital Mammo. Soft means more comfortable and better positioning. Digital means the best quality, most accurate images. Digital also means more accurate year-to-year comparisons. Every Mammo at Buffalo MRI is also interpreted using CAD which is a Computer Aid for the Radiologist.

    Buffalo MRI’s Mammography System has low dose radiation and there is no need for contrast.