Preparing for your Visit

  • Before Arriving to Buffalo MRI make sure that you have completed your patient Check list and all necessary prep needed for your specific scan.
  • Arrive at Buffalo MRI at your designated arrival time.
  • For MRI studies only: Please wear or bring clothes without metal (metal snaps, metal zippers, metal buttons, etc.). If you do not have this type of clothing, we can provide it for you.
  • A Buffalo MRI representative will be contacting you to discuss additional preparation that may be needed for your study.
  • Bring your insurance information and co-pay.
  • Bring all previous diagnostic studies (films and reports) of the body part we are scanning (CT Scan, X-Ray, MRI, Mammogram, and Ultrasound).
  • Bring your favorite CD or iPod to listen to during your study, or choose from our music collection.

Payment & Insurance Info


Private Pay Prices in US Dollars:

Without ContrastWith Contrast
CT Chest$300.00$325.00
CT ArthogramN/A$550.00
CT Low Dose Lung Screening$185.00N/A
CT Other$300.00$325.00
CT Heartscore$295.00N/A
MR ArthrogramN/A$775.00
MRI Breast Bilateral W/CADN/A$599.00
MRI Guided Breast Biopsy$1465.00***N/A
MRI / MRA Other$465.00$565.00
Ultrasound or Stereotactic Breast Biopsy$850.00***N/A
Soft Digital Mammo W/CAD$150.00N/A
Bone Density/ DEXA$90.00N/A

Pricing for individual Heart and Vascular Screening Studies:

Ultrasound Carotid Arteries$285.00
Ultrasound Abdominal Aorta$285.00
CTA Carotid Arteries$325.00
CTA Abdominal Aorta$325.00
CTA Renal Arteries$325.00
CTA Lower Extremity$325.00
CTA Upper Extremity$325.00
CTA Brain$325.00
Heart Score$295.00
Cardiac CTA (CCTA)$650.00
MRA Carotid$565.00
MRA Abdominal Aorta$565.00
MRA Renal$565.00
MRA Lower Extremity$565.00
MRA Upper Extremity$565.00
MRA Brain(w/o contrast)$465.00

Pricing for individual Cancer Screening Studies:

Ultrasound Female Pelvis$285.00
CT Chest with contrast$325.00
CT Chest for Lung Nodules without contrast$300.00
CT Abdomen with contrast$325.00
CT Virtual Colonoscopy without contrast$600.00
CT Brain with contrast$325.00
Bilateral Soft Digital Mammogram w/CAD$150.00
MRI Brain with contrast$565.00
MRI Chest with contrast$565.00
MRI Bilateral Breast with CAD$850.00
MRI Abdomen with contrast$565.00
MRI Female Pelvis with contrast$565.00
MRI Prostate with contrast$565.00
MRI all other with contrast$565.00
  • All MRI Studies for cancer screening require contrast.
  • The cost for a Bone Density study is $90.00.


Pricing for Multiple Screening Studies

You can customize your full body screening based upon your personal needs and risk factors. If you have multiple screening studies within a 48 hour period we can offer you the following discounts:
* 10% discount off your 3rd study
* 15% discount off your 4th and subsequent studies


Buffalo MRI will verify that your insurance will cover the scan and remind you of any fees due at time of service.

With many insurances becoming High Deductible plans, there are often specific requirements to be met and we are here to help.

Not all MRI scanners are created equal. Choose 3TMRI at Buffalo Mri for your imaging needs.

Our billing department is available to assist you with an questions you may have. Please feel free to contact us with an questions at 839-3333.